Trust The Journey

Not sure where to start, from the beginning would take too long.  I’ll just say I’m starting on a journey of discovery.  It’s never too late!  I’m sure many of you have wondered why am I here, what’s my path.  I’ve asked myself that quite a bit this last year.  It’s funny how things come to be. Creating has become more of art therapy for me, journalling more and more.  Something I really never thought would interest me.  The journalling has been more about writing than painting and through that journey I’ve discovered things about myself, why I feel the way I feel, react the way I react.  I’ve had a hard heart and am working on releasing it and it feels good to let old hurts, perceived hurts, grudges go.


I’ve been taking some online “retreats” such as Path to Purpose with Devorah Spillman

Woman Unleashed

These retreats have introduced me to so many different creative philosophies and practices, one in particular has called me, energy healing. WOW!  I went to my first session last week and I could feel the shift, letting go of all that negative energy.  I’ll get more into that in another post!

Woman Unleashed is still going on until July 15th so if you’re interested in unleashing that woman that’s buried deep inside click on the link above and join in!!

Devorah keeps telling us that we all have a story to tell and so I am going to start telling mine . . . . although I do meet with resistance . . . I’m working on that!!!

So until next time,

Do what makes you light up!





4 Comments Add yours

  1. laura says:

    I’m also doing the Woman Unleashed workshops summer session. Pretty powerful stuff, huh?


    1. Overwhelming! Sending light and love.


  2. I love your painting, Marsha! It’s great that art helps you coping with negative feelings and learning a lot about yourself. Have lots of fun with the workshop!


    1. Hello my friend! I hope all is going well for you and your loved ones!! (Hug)


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