Deep Nourishment Challenge Day 1

Lainie Love Dalby is hosting a deep nourishment challenge on Instagram.

Today’s invitation is to create a #sacredspace #altar to honor transition of the New Year. This morning I meditated on what I wish to bring into the new year. I was amazed how quickly it came to me. Grounding, connection to Mother Earth and spirit and to speak my truth. The rocks I gathered in my backyard. The yellowish one was given to me by my great grand nephew on the day of my husband‘s funeral. ❤️ The eagle is one of my spirit animals, the frog is my talisman for 2019, speaking my voice, sage, palo santo wood and candle, rosemary and a red jasper stone. And the crow’s feathers I gathered from my yard. I fell in love with this rustic bowl at a garage sale, I knew it would be a perfect container someday.  Join the challenge!  Click on link above. 


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