Day 8 Deep Soul Nourishment

My spirit animals live in a cavern with an emerald river running through it. There are hanging vines throughout the cavern. There is a white leopard, an owl, a white horse, an eagle, a crow, a frog and others I do not know who they are yet. Today I asked who is my spirit animal that has been with me since birth. A black bird flew up to me and nuzzled my neck. I asked are you a crow or a raven. A raven (I think he might have been put out that I did not know). I asked him why he is my spirit animal from birth. He told me he was chosen to be with me to protect me, teach me to speak my voice and to spread my wings which had been clipped at a very young age but recently I got them back. What is weird, well nothing is weird anymore, back in 2017 I started writing my story through a class with Robin Laws. The main character is Raven (me) and my animal spirit is a crow. Crow calls to awaken you to your true soul purpose . . . to remind you to follow your purpose. I need to start writing again. #sisterhive #spiritanimal


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