Do You Hear Me NOW?!


I have been asking for quite some time now what is my medicine. Today I had a little mini breakdown and surrendered to the Divine. The universe spoke!!

I asked for a symbol and this is what I painted this morning. I see an eye quite a bit when I meditate. AND then what I found in my email today!

People can only meet you as deeply as they’ve met themselves. Work on becoming the best version of yourself; then will you attract others who are blooming, into your life. Heal yourself first.

Ishvara pranidhana
Surender to the divine unfolding
Surrender to the divine surrounding
Surrender & observe
Surrender to God

And in testing up what I need today, HELLO! This is so ME, flitting from one thing to another! I’ve always said I am a jack of all trades, master of none!

Clarity of Direction

Wild Oat promotes an inner certainty about the vocational direction of one’s life. Those in need of Wild Oat have not yet connected with the inner direction of their Soul that would give them clarity on the direction of their chosen life path. They are often strongly ambitious people with many talents and gifts but as they lack a strong inner sense of how to use them tend to end up flitting from one thing to another. A state of uncertainty that means they are endlessly searching in the outer world for the ‘right’ direction when the answer is actually within themselves.

And then in today’s Daily OM . . .

Maybe you are using a desire you can’t fulfill to distract you from truly engaging the blessings you already have.

Be still and listen!

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