Finding Joy Again

I have lost my joy and when I find those fleeting moments of joy, being the person I was before my husband’s illness, I shut down, not allowing myself to feel joy. I am working on that. He would want me to be happy. He was the person who pushed me to try the things I wanted to try. He would ask me, is this your latest thing?!?!

Today I came to the realization that for close to three years I have had to focus on major life things and now that I am settled into my new home I find myself with lots of time, nothing I HAVE to do, and with COVID NOWHERE to go.

So I ask myself, what makes me happy. I am a creative, always have been. A jack of all trades, master of none. I love exploring sacred medicine, energy healing, painting, storytelling, blogging, photography, sewing, jewelry making. When I try to pigeon hole myself into just one I lose interest.

Today for the first time in months I felt like painting. I have several online courses I have purchased and never completed (or even started) so at least I don’t have to think about what to paint! I rejoined 52Frames, a weekly photography challenge; although I haven’t been as enthusiastic about the challenges as in the past, I have been doing them AND this month I rejoined a photo a day challenge hosted by Fat Mum Slim.

Today’s prompt for Fat Mum Slim was CREATE! It would seem the Universe is inviting me to get back into the things I once loved to do and perhaps I may find new interests!!

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  1. Wish you joy in your creative pursuits, especially after your hard times. I like this picture, thank you for sharing it.


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