Random Act of Kindness

A few months ago I participated in a postcard swap. I truly enjoyed creating the postcards AND of course receiving them. Love mail! It reminded me of when Richard was going through chemo I would leave affirmation cards throughout the hospital, on the park bench, or simply hand them out to patients.

I had thought about doing the practice again but as I tend to do most of my ideas stay ideas, ha, until I’m pushed. This month I decided to rejoin Fat Mum Slim’s photo a day challenge. The prompt for August 3 was kindness. Ah, the push! Instead of affirmation cards I decided to paint some rocks, something I’ve been wanting to do.

My first attempt, not too bad! There is a trail right behind my house, easy peasy! Took my three rocks and found the perfect spots for them, trusting that whoever found them needed to read the message I wrote on the back.

On my way back home I FOUND this one!

A few days later I went back on the trail and two of the rocks were gone. I didn’t think to bring the one I found home but that’s okay, next time! I can start a little painted rock area in my backyard.

NOW to paint MORE!!! Stop thinking, DO IT!!!!

Hope you have a beautiful creative day!!

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