The Journey Continues

Putting the Pieces Together

My spiritual journey began in 2016. The questions why am I here, what is my purpose started getting louder and louder. I participated in an online retreat, which I thought had to do with creativity, and it did, BUT it opened a door to energy healing, self-care, spirituality. Little did I know how instrumental this was. I was being prepared to face one of the greatest challenges of my life. On August 6, 2017 my husband was diagnosed with Stage IV terminal cancer. (I will share what I learned during that time in another post).

The first time I went to an energy healer was shortly after Richard’s diagnosis. She saw me walking in what appeared to be a maze made of blocks, I was exploring, moving the blocks around until a path was made so that I could eventually find my way. I did not realize the meaning of this until I started writing this post. Whew, I’ve done a lot of exploring, learning, healing since that day AND the path is clearer!

I have experienced and explored energy healing, learned about chakras, crystals, meridians, subtle bodies, the senses, healed childhood stories/wounds, cut cords. I have received Reiki, Craniosacral and Pranic healings. I have taken countless courses and read books on energy healing, finding your soul’s purpose, living a soul aligned life. I have explored Shamanism. Yoga and meditation practice. I pray, I ask the angels for guidance.

Creativity feeds my soul. That is one thing I have known my whole life. I started looking at creativity as a way to heal. Journaling, soul writing, intuitive painting. In 2017 I found Shiloh Sophia the founder of Intentional Creativity and in February of 2020 I became a Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Teacher.

BUT something was still missing. I did not feel complete, whole, connected.

I noticed when I signed up for a class, I realized that I already know what was being talked about. So what is it I’m looking for? What is blocking me?!?! When I ask that question I am told, you have the answer inside of you, you hold the key. I wasn’t listening. I kept asking, kept getting the same answer. Then recently I began hearing that it is time to step out of the role of student, it is time to lead. Whoa, no, I’m not ready, that is scary stuff. Me, a leader?!?! Healer, teacher sounds better.

So what’s blocking me? Fear? Fear of? Where does that fear come from? Lightbulb! I had to explore my past lives. In 2017 when I first started energy healing my healer would talk about past lives. It wasn’t that I flat out didn’t believe in reincarnation, it scared me. Remember when Shirley McClain talked about her past lives? Yeah, I laughed at her!!! That was a long time ago. I didn’t laugh this time, I just tucked it away for the future. “The future” was now, 2020. I started looking for a guide to lead me into my Akashic records but I wasn’t having any luck. I also wasn’t looking TOO hard!

It’s funny how the Universe guides us. I won’t bore you with all the details other than to say listen to that little voice, your intuition. Sometimes the nudges are very subtle. A text from my sister led me to a series of webinars and ultimately to a book recommendation, The Instruction, Living the Life Your Soul Intended by Ainslie MacLeod. Game changer!!! As I was reading it I started seeing repeating numbers a LOT! 1111, 111, 222, 333. In one day I saw all of them! Butterflies and dragonflies. Transformation. Spiritual growth. I knew I was about to turn the corner.

Once again my sister was instrumental in me turning that corner!!! An early birthday gift. She had made this offer several times but I wasn’t ready and always declined. This time I said YES!!!! A reading . WOW WOW WOW. The things I was told were confirmation of what I already knew but was doubting myself. I am an old soul. I am an intuitive spirit channeler. Healing touch. I have someone in my life who is a challenge for me. I knew this person was someone I could not ignore and now I understand why. That person is my test, my teacher. Ha ha, still a student, BUT I am reaching a new level of spiritual growth. I’m at the college level, I am at completion! The test is about loving without judgment, acceptance. JUDGMENT has been a core emotion that I have battled with. Old stories. Past Lives.

Of course one of the questions I asked was what is my purpose!!!! It’s the same answer, do what brings you joy, do you what you love. This has been very difficult for me. I haven’t felt joy in such a long time. I have a broken heart. BUT something shifted hearing her tell me, LOVE everything you do!!! Live in the present moment. Don’t dwell on the past. Don’t worry about the future. Be in the moment.

Powerful shift!!! In a matter of hours, opportunities started falling in my lap! A shop in town bought all my handcrafted cuffs and want more! I saw Reiki Level 1 training being offered by someone I know and trust, signed up!!! AND THEN the Yoga Nidra certification course I have been wanting to take is being offered via ZOOM and it’s in two months!!! From student to leader, teacher, guide!

The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place. I am at completion . . . . of THIS part of my journey!

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