Medicine Walk

This coming Saturday I am receiving a Reiki I attunement. As part of preparing myself I am resuming my medicine walks. I love tuning in to what messages I will receive.

Yesterday, when I stepped out of my front door and onto the street I found this feather. A reminder to me that I am not walking this path alone. I sat on a log along the trail and had a wonderful meditation. Oblivious to anything happening around me.

As I started off on today’s walk I opened up to receive messages. I didn’t realize the battery on my phone was low and so I wasn’t able to listen to Insight Timer. Ut-oh, meditating without music and/or a guided meditation, not the easiest for me. Okay. I can do it! As I walked along the path I noticed 3 birds sitting on a telephone wire. The number 3. As I continued on my walk I kept wondering what is the message and then it came to me. SILENCE. Listening to nature’s sounds around me. Letting go of the distractions, people talking on their cell phones, dogs barking. Listening and being alone with myself. ALONE. As I got closer to home there were 3 crows in front of me. Once again the number 3.

I have been seeing lots of tripe numbers lately so when I saw the 3 birds and the 3 crows I knew this was significant.

Three means harmony, new life, and completeness. Yes, this makes sense to me!! And I found this, which made me laugh. “The number 3 is a symbol of communication. Your guardian angel is telling you to be more communicative with other people. You should go out more and be sociable.” Ha ha ha, well, maybe before COVID. BUT here’s the thing. After I finished my medicine walk, I stopped by my neighbor’s to go on our morning walk together. On our way home we stopped and chatted with another neighbor who was mowing his lawn. I came home and went out in the backyard with my Boxer girl Sophie and my next-door neighbor was out in her backyard so we chatted for a bit. I came back in the house AND went out front to get the mail AND my other next-door neighbor was on her way to the mailbox so we stopped and chatted!! I can go days without talking to a human being and TODAY I was talking to everyone!!! There are no coincidences!!

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