Fall Equinox — A Time To Let Go

Day 3 of my medicine walk, where I sat and meditated. This tree watched over me. As I was headed home my monkey mind started to take over. I was able to quiet it and return to walking with purpose. As I did this, I turned my head to the right slightly and there was this beautiful feather calling for me. If I had not quieted my mind, I would not have seen it. The message to be still and listen!!! As I continued on my path home I was asking for guidance, what is it I need to know. I was told whatever I do, whatever I say, feel, it must come from a pure heart, unconditionally. Ohhh, this is tough for me. I closed off my heart a long time ago and little by little I have been opening it. I obviously still have some more work to do. Let go of anger, resentment, jealousy, ego. Yeah, those are all ugly words but I’m human!!! A human who wants to live a soul aligned life. I need to LET GO. What are you letting go of during this time?

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