Message to Myself

Dear Marsha

This is what I want you to know.  
Let go of the fear.
Fear has served you well as a protector, your shield
BUT it is time to let go of the fear
Time to stand in your power
You have shown yourself how powerful you can be
When crap hits the fan 
you take immediate action
you take charge
you make decisions without second guessing
you empower yourself and others
AND then when the crisis is over 
you retreat and hide behind your shield
Stand up, stand your ground
Be kind, be compassionate
love without judgment 
You can do all this without giving away your power
Don’t be afraid to venture out
STOP existing
START living
One foot in front of the other
See how easy that is
This year become fearless
Embrace the person you want to be
Welcome her
Encourage her
Let her shine
Don’t shrink, don’t hide
Laugh again
Dream again
Live again
I love you

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