I am participating in Tara Leaver’s #21daysinmyartworld challenge on Instagram. One of the prompts was where do you get your inspiration. I sort of struggled with that prompt. I don’t know where it comes from, participating in challenges, taking a course, Pinterest, other people’s creations, and sometimes it just pops in my head. I have always said that I create so much better in my head than actually making it come to “life”.

Ironically, a day or two after this prompt, I received my order from Amazon and one of the books I purchased was Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic, Creative Living Beyond Fear.

OMG!! She writes about how we receive ideas, that they are swirling around in the Universe waiting for somewhere to land, someone to hear them, see them, grab them and bring them to life. I wish I had highlighted what she wrote because it was so spot on!!!! This has happened to me so many times, and I know this has happened to you!!! I’m watching TV, doing the laundry, walking the dog and out of nowhere an idea pops into my head and I think, oh, that sounds like a great idea!!! And I start envisioning it, laying it all out, BUT I don’t act on it for whatever reason. I either forgot about it, didn’t make a note of it, the excitement wore off, too much work, whatever it may be, the moment passes. The opportunity knocked on my door and I didn’t respond, so it moves on and finds someone else and that person makes it happen!

Have you ever thought, oh, man, “they” stole my idea!!?!?!?! Well, it was your idea but you didn’t listen so it found someone else. What a concept!?!?! Ideas are floating around out in the Universe waiting to land!!! When I read this it made so much sense!!!!! I have been receiving inspiration but I have not been listening!!!!

This morning I pulled this card!!! I’ve also been hearing that doors are opening up for me, it is time to step into the role of teacher. I have NO idea how that will transpire, what it looks like. I hope when the idea shows itself that I am LISTENING and that I ACT on it!!!

One idea did come to me when I read this card, I have to blog about it!!! So here is the post!!!

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