A Suitcase Full of Socks

I keep a dream journal, I probably should have started specific journals for specific things because now I can’t find some that I want to refer back to, but such is life!

Last night’s dream was short but I have a feeling the fact that I recalled it is important.

A couple of things stood out. A suitcase, socks, and the color yellow.

I had a suitcase and apparently misplaced it. There was something in that suitcase that I needed (no clue what it was). Fast forward. I find the suitcase and it is FULL of socks. I can’t remember what color the socks were but I think they were all white, don’t know if that is even important to note or not, BUT I had the thought when I opened the suitcase that I was searching for a pair of YELLOW socks.

Ha ha, if you’ve read some of my prior posts, you will see that, like many of us, I am on a journey of discovery, figuring out who I am, why I’m here and what the heck am I going to do with the rest of my life?!

So the suitcase would make sense, right, I’m on a journey. Ah, yes, and one of the interpretations of dreaming of a suitcase is “you do not know where to go”!?!?! Sounds about right. I have been asking that question a lot lately!!! Every morning I ask myself, so what am I going to do with this new day?!?!? In a phone call yesterday with my sister I had mentioned, well, I probably have at least another 20 years left on this earth, what the heck am I going to do with those 20 years?!?!?!

I have been told by a medium, energy healers that I have strong medicine, that I have gifts, I have even caught a glimpse of my gifts but of course I doubt them, push them aside. I do believe in the whoo, but find it difficult to believe that I possess the whoo! So, the suitcase can be a symbol of untapped feelings or potentials, qualities that are not often used! Spiritually speaking, suitcases symbolize a need to excavate inner treasures, GIFTS, and to make up for lost opportunities. OMG, have you read my last two posts?!?! Is this the message, finally?!? Inspiration/Ideas?!?!

Okey doke. That all makes sense. So now, what do the socks represent?!?! Craving comfort and warmth from friends and family. Definitely! I haven’t been around my family since March when the first stay in place order came out. That’s a no-brainer, but I KNOW there is more to it. For 2021 I am manifesting friendship, my tribe. SO apparently dreaming of many pairs of socks suggests making new friends in the future!?!?! BINGO! Of course there is always several interpretations and we can make them fit whatever it is we want to hear BUT I know these are answers, messages for what I am manifesting, wanting to uncover! Dreaming of many socks can also depict how much you protect yourself, YES, through the journey of life, I think I talked about this in my Fearlessness post, and here we go again, missing out on opportunities!!!

Okay. One more thing to explore, the color yellow! Spiritual color, peace and harmony! Hmmm, I’ll be honest, I was expecting something more?!?! I let it percolate for a little bit and something popped into my head that I had forgotten. The medium had told me that my Dad was sending me yellow roses, symbol of friendship, caring, affection, remembrance.

Remember the Field of Dreams, if you build it, they will come?

If you LISTEN, you will KNOW you are never alone. Keep walking the path. Life is all about the journey, each day a new opportunity! Be open to the possibilities!!

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