Is this THE message?!

Is this a message, finally?

I’ve been waiting and waiting
walking my journey
taking course after course,
connect to the soul
find your purpose
energy healing
healing childhood wounds
letting go of limiting beliefs . . .

Then there’s the creativity, intuitive painting, that’s the ticket!!
Oh, NO, after a year of lessons that wasn’t it!

Oh, another course, this might be it, connection, but wait,
no one really wants to connect, we are all searching, on our own path,
alone, searching, waiting for messages.

Oh, what’s this?! A medium event! Why not?!
He won’t call on me. I am one out of 216, all are wanting a message!

Marsha, I am hearing a very strong father figure.
What?!? Is this a message?!? Finally!!

You have been doing a lot of work, studying
You have been receiving messages!
You are ready metaphysically, spiritually and energetically.
Step out of the role of student.
Teach! Write!
Doors are opening up for you!

Wow, this is the message!!! Finally!!!

But WAIT!!! Now what do I do?!?!
Ha, ha, I suppose I must wait for another message . . . .

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