Fly Forward Like a Bird

Still working through the muck! I have been receiving lots of messages in my dreams, being stuck, not knowing what my purpose is, I am in a period of letting go, or attempting to I should say!

I thought I would share my writing from this morning’s Write, Read, Listen meet up group. It’s such a wonderful group!

Birds Fly Forward, Why Can’t I?
One foot in front of the other
move forward
What does that mean, move forward?
Inching forward in line, waiting to be next to get my COVID vaccine.
Creeping forward in the long line at the Starbuck’s drive-thru
Thank you for your order, drive forward
Standing in line at the grocery store, keep your distance, six feet apart,
put your feet in the designated spot
Moving forward in life hasn’t been that easy lately
No directive, nowhere to plant my feet like in the grocery store
But, wait, they are planted firmly where I am
Stuck in the in in-between
It’s easier to step back, live in the past
Remembering the good old days
It’s comfortable and sometimes sad, but it’s safe
I know what to expect
Moving forward requires taking a leap of faith
Not knowing where my next step will lead me
What if I don’t like where it takes me?
What if I fall, fail?
An unknown path.
What’s that quote, but, oh, my dear, what if you fly?
Fly forward like a bird
The sky is the limit
No constraints
No limits
Open space, a blank canvas for you to experience, new adventures
If you don’t like where you’re headed, chart a new course, but remember
Fly forward like a bird!

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