Wisdom of a Tree

She sat under the old oak tree.  It was her favorite spot in the park, one where she could take refuge, shelter.  Its trunk was massive, so strong, its roots grounded deep into the core of the earth.  The tree repeated its message, in order for you to more forward you must trust and let go, close the door on that chapter of your life.  It is no more. You will always have your memories, your heart will never forget the love you shared.  You know he would not want you to feel this way.  He would want you to be happy again, to do those things that bring you joy.  Letting go does not mean you are dismissing him from your life as if he never existed.  Letting go is allowing yourself to move forward, allowing another door to open.  

Just like me, whispers the tree, I lose some of my leaves to the elements, to age, to disease, some of my branches break from the weight they carry, but I am still standing tall and strong, making room for new leaves, new branches to grow.  Never give up.  Keep growing.  Nourish yourself with those things that bring you joy.  

Close your eyes and just be with me in this moment. 
What do you hear? 
What do you feel? 
What do you see with your mind’s eye? 

Do you hear the rustling of the leaves, the birds chirping, the squirrels gnawing on the acorns?  Do you feel the warmth of the sun on your face, the cool gentle breeze, the earth beneath you, supporting you?  Do you see the blessing that you are?  

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