Retreat Recap

What a wonderful virtual retreat!!! Being in virtual sacred circle with over 300 women from all over the world! We shared in circle, we learned the Hula and we painted our soul portraits. Do as I say, not as I do, I didn’t document my entire process so here is the abbreviated version!

Day 1. My creative space, setting my intention on canvas. Show me how to let go of judgment, ego, comparison.  Show me how to embrace my uniqueness.  

A turkey came up to my window. I grabbed my phone to take a photo and when I went outside this is what I saw! At one point I counted about 18 of them! They were hanging out between my house and the neighbors house. Of course I had to look up turkey medicine. Ha, honors source of nourishment, what feeds your soul. Turkey spirit is a guide to unlocking the fullness of life!!!!

End of day one, somehow she lost her lips, a reminder for me to SPEAK up!!!! Show up!!!!

Day 2. What appeared on canvas was an elegant goddess. Not what I had envisioned. I don’t align with goddesses. I envisioned bright, bold colors, a bada$$ type woman. The droplet on her forehead (that’s what I was envisioning) looks more like a scarab to me! In ancient Egyptian religion the scarab was also a symbol of immortality, resurrection, TRANSFORMATION!!!

In a conversation with her, this is part of her message to me.  

I am your inner goddess, I know you don’t associate with that part of yourself, but I AM a part of you!!! 

Adorn yourself in the color blue (throat chakra).  Connect to your roots, connect to the earth, connect to your soul, connect to God.  These are all things you can do, you just have to trust and believe, have faith.  It is no longer fear that is holding you back, it’s a trust thing, believing in yourself.   Wake up, listen.  You know you have been hearing me tell you to wake up, wake up, LISTEN, really listen.  Time to lead, lead with a quiet vibration.  

A follow up message (she has a sense of humor) get a new wardrobe!!!  

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