Glimmer of Light

It is so difficult to hold on to those small glimpses of light that shine through the darkness. This morning when I woke up I felt happiness, a lightness in my heart.

Once I fully awoke, the chatter started. No, no, no, I am not going to listen.

I used to pull a card every morning. For some reason I stopped. I think I was put off when I would pull a card that denoted some kind of happiness and I was just not feeling it.

Today I decided to start my day with a card.

The card I pulled The Ten of Cups!

Ut-oh I thought, a couple, love, harmony, look at the rainbow, what do I have to be happy about, I’m no longer a couple. No, no, no, that is my ego talking, not my heart.

I recalled that feeling I woke up with, gratitude, joy. I recalled I woke up to the gentle sound of rain, turned on the fire and snuggled with Sophie, the Boxer. Contentment. Gratitude.

Today I am opening my heart to receive love and to give love, to hold on to the glimmer of light that shines through, to look for the rainbow.

Guided by the light
I will become one
With all that is
All creation
The sun
The moon
The stars
All who walk/crawl the earth
All who swim in the waters
All who soar in the sky
All that were created
by the One who loves us
We are one

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