Creative Pilgrimage

We are gathering…
The Creative healer, medicine woman, mystic, sage, creative priestess™
Those who are called to activate, initiate, awaken and heal using art, movement, writings, creations.
We are here to co-create with Spirit.

You have a creative, intuitive force inside you.
But the world tells you it’s unimportant.
So you push it aside. Again and again.

You struggle doing the 1 thing you were put on this earth to do.

It’s time to claim your Creative Spirit
Women everywhere face this struggle.
There are
Painters not painting
Writers not writing
Healers not healing
Women with a calling not doing what they’re called to do.
They don’t trust their own intuition and artistry.
They feel pulled in too many directions.
They put their sacred work on the backburner, saying, “I’ll get to this sometime later…”
But sometime later never comes.

This past year I committed to my creativity and I joined a creative sisterhood. This year I’d love you to join along.
Doors open to this community only a couple times a year.
You can find out more here.

I hope you’ll join us!


P.S. Inner O Creative Pilgrimage closes on March 25th. Find out more about the community and what we’re up to here.


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