May I Be Open

What is one of my gifts?

I meditated on this inquiry and this is what came through

Healing through prayer

When I heard “healing through prayer” it surprised me . . . . . but it is the first thing that came into my head

So this morning once again I sat in meditation and put pen to paper.

Dear Michael
Dear Guides

May I let go of my ego my human thoughts and let your messages come through to me
May I be open to hear them
May I be open to trusting in what I hear
May I be open to write down what I am told
May I be open to share
May I be open to trust
May I be open to believe
May I be open to take a leap of faith
May I be be open to receive

This is what I was told

This is a prayer, Marsha, May I be Open

Trust when an opportunity does not present itself to you with a full yes, another one is coming
Take this time to question what it is you need and want for your higher good
You are working on your path
You must have faith in yourself, trust and believe in yourself, YES, yourself
We are merely your guides to nudge you
You have control over your own destiny.
Trust and believe, continue to write and share.

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