Monday Meditation Journaling

A peacefulness came over me

Pure light

Felt a lightness in my heart

Excitement for the day

For the possibilities

Is this happiness?!

It is the way I used to feel before . . . . 

A grayness breaks through the light

What is this?  Am I feeling?  Am I thinking?

All is well in my world EXCEPT . . . .

Sophie.  Now it’s her illness that brings in the gray cloud

I need to let go of worrying about what will be when she is no longer here

I need to embrace the joy of this moment

The present is a gift

Why is it so difficult?  Why do I give my power away, my energy into negative thinking?


I know there will be another sunrise

I know there will be another sunset

Each moment unique onto itself

Nothing is ever the same

Change is inevitable

It’s how we embrace the change that matters

Bringing joy into each moment

Weathering the storms that inevitably will arise 

This is part of life

I am thankful for all my blessings

I am thankful for this moment in time where I sit on my couch with Sophie by my side

My journal on my lap

My pen in my hand

The cool morning breeze flowing through the open window

The light filling up the room

The yellow walls are bright and cheery

All blessings, capturing this moment in time



Bottling this moment up, the feeling

Thank you

Thank you 

Thank you

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