Monday’s Musings

Monday’s musings, unedited.

What is it I need to know right now, right here

Be happy
It’s easy to remember the past
the happy memories
the good times
and it’s good to remember

BUT don’t compare
don’t get lost in the past
to where you are not living in the present

Your presence is requested to be in the present
To feel your hand stroking Sophie’s soft fur
Hear her gentle snoring
The gurgling of the dishwasher

Just let the pen flow and
Let us lead you to your new life, your new beginning
There is no end
There is only continuation
Life is a cycle
just like the leaves turn into mulch
and disintegrate back into the earth

So does life
from one moment to the next
Don’t waste it away
DON’T waste it away
Embrace the special moments
Carry them in your heart
For those joyous moments will carry you
through the times when you are sad and lonely
BUT remember to not dwell in the past too long
Receive nourishment from the seeds of those memories
Plant them so new ones may grow
Your memories are leaves/flowers on a tree
Some will bloom
Some will wilt
Some will remain strong
Some will become weak

But the root of who you are will sustain you
and keep you grounded
Stand firm
Raise your arms up to the sky
Feel the warmth of the sun on your limbs
Sink your feet into the moist soil of mother earth
Let it nourish you and ground you

When the rain comes, and it will, let it cleanse you
Rain will enable you to grow
It nourishes you
It will make you strong
enabling you to stand during those times when a storm rolls in

We know you don’t like to be told, reminded how resilient you are.
That, my dear, is one of your gifts, your strength.
Don’t let your strength weaken you!
Love it, embrace it.

Spread your wings, let the air lift you up. Fly, Marsha, Fly

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