Morning Pages 2022

For the past several days I have felt very creative. I’ve been going into my art room first thing in the morning and intuitively picking something up to work on. I created a dream catcher wand, a power wand, painted a couple of rocks that had been sitting on my desk for months. On New Year’s Eve I started my first vision board ever. When I started laying things out I had a lot of blank space. I thought, oh, crap, now what. I had journaled on the board and did not want to start over. I left it alone for awhile and then the thought came to me. It’s not that the board is too big. I have to DREAM BIGGER. This is not easy for me. I can’t remember when I stopped dreaming, so just dreaming alone is difficult, let alone BIG dreams. I love how I found “pipe dreams”. Permission!


January 2, 2022. Two Sides. Who I am, Who I once was outwardly. One thing that has stayed the same, my eyes, the windows of my soul.

Two Sides

January 3, 2022. Her beauty comes through even though she is drawn on newspaper print which is torn, has glue on it, washi tape and scribblings, just like us, our beauty shines through all the scars, wounds and wrinkles we have accumulated in our lifetime.

Beauty Shines Through


January 4, 2022. After I drew the hand I wasn’t clear as to what the message is/was. All sorts of thoughts kept coming up in my head, I realized I was trying to force a message. I stepped back and asked what is the meaning of this, please help me understand. When I opened my eyes I saw an entity on the right hand side. I am reaching out to spirit, to the Divine for guidance


I think this may be my new morning pages. Dare I dream to have 365 art pages at the end of 2022?

Happy New Year! DREAM BIG!!!!

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