Morning Pages The Guardians

This morning I woke up feeling a little blah.  The sun was shining through the window and yet I couldn’t shake the feeling.  I got up, made my coffee and looked outside.  The hummingbirds (two) that have been greeting me every morning for the past week or so have not appeared the last two days.  For several weeks I was seeing triple numbers EVERYWHERE.  I have not been seeing/noticing them.

I talked out loud (I always have, Richard used to ask me, who are you talking to?!?!).  I KNOW I am not alone.  Why am I not seeing the triple numbers, the hummingbirds?  Did I do something, am I not doing something, am I not listening.  I know you are with me.

I grabbed my coffee and went into my art room.  Today I needed inspiration.  This is the inspiration I gathered from one of Picasso’s oil pastels.

The man on the left is Richard.  The man on the right is my dad.  I am NEVER alone.  

The Guardians

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