Creativity & Joy

This was in my mailbox this morning. Ha ha, the Universe does have a sense of humor! Marsha, As you consider what you would like to achieve during your time on Earth, Heaven is hoping you will take this into consideration: Joy is one of the greatest achievements of a lifetime. ~Heaven Last Tuesday in…

Day 14 Deep Nourishment Challenge

Day 14 #deepnourishmentchallenge thank you @lainielovedalby for this wonderful nourishment challenge. Today’s challenge was the push I needed to walk the labyrinth that is less than 3 miles from my house! #sisterhive #labyrinth

Day 11 Deep Nourishment Challenge

Today the challenge is to create our own Oracle card or divination card. What are you wanting to be birthed in 2019? ME!!! I Am A Deep Soul He-ARTist. I want to share the light and heal through inspiration.

Day 9 Deep Nourishment Challenge

Today was my soul day, preparing for my power year 2019, a personal 4 year for me. I started the day off with meditation, prayers, setting my intention for the day.  I spent  four wonderful hours with @lainielovedalby  in sacred sisterhood with other sisters.  We pulled divination cards, danced, meditated, made expressive art and focused…

Day 8 Deep Soul Nourishment

My spirit animals live in a cavern with an emerald river running through it. There are hanging vines throughout the cavern. There is a white leopard, an owl, a white horse, an eagle, a crow, a frog and others I do not know who they are yet. Today I asked who is my spirit animal…