Day 7 Deep Nourishment Challenge

This one was tough for me, sharing me!  On this spiritual path journey to find my secret medicine the word dance keeps showing up. And the other day the question I am the one who . . . Dances was the answer. I used to dance a LOT as a child and into my 30s…

Day 5 Deep Nourishment Challenge

Today’s invitation is to take a salt bath to cleanse from the holidays and make way for the New Year. I have had a very challenging morning so this is just what I needed to soak away the stress and watching it all go down the drain!  I felt so much better afterwards!  

Deep Nourishment Challenge Day 5

Today’s invitation is to practice Barefoot Earthing grounding into Mother Earth, giving her all my worries, letting her nourish me.  What a beautiful practice.  Will do more often when it’s a little warmer.  

Deep Nourishment Challenge Day 4

Today’s invitation is to practice Shamanic Nourishment (eat something green from the earth at every meal). A stretch for me as food and cooking aren’t my thing. But I do love fresh produce and what was accessible for me this morning from Mother Earth are oranges. Fresh orange juice this morning.