Fall Equinox — A Time To Let Go

Day 3 of my medicine walk, where I sat and meditated. This tree watched over me. As I was headed home my monkey mind started to take over. I was able to quiet it and return to walking with purpose. As I did this, I turned my head to the right slightly and there was…

Medicine Walk

This coming Saturday I am receiving a Reiki I attunement. As part of preparing myself I am resuming my medicine walks. I love tuning in to what messages I will receive. Yesterday, when I stepped out of my front door and onto the street I found this feather. A reminder to me that I am…


I float peacefullyMy body barely touchingWater smooth as glass I need no compassTrusting where I am guidedI surrender to flow

Day 14 Deep Nourishment Challenge

Day 14 #deepnourishmentchallenge thank you @lainielovedalby for this wonderful nourishment challenge. Today’s challenge was the push I needed to walk the labyrinth that is less than 3 miles from my house! #sisterhive #labyrinth

What is Your Gift

Below is an excerpt from today’s Daily OM that arrived in my mailbox. This really hit HOME. In the last week I’ve been told by several people that I am an inspiration, my creations have energy. For over a year now and especially these past couple of weeks I’ve been asking and asking and asking…