Deep Nourishment Challenge Day 5

Today’s invitation is to practice Barefoot Earthing grounding into Mother Earth, giving her all my worries, letting her nourish me.  What a beautiful practice.  Will do more often when it’s a little warmer.  

Deep Nourishment Challenge Day 4

Today’s invitation is to practice Shamanic Nourishment (eat something green from the earth at every meal). A stretch for me as food and cooking aren’t my thing. But I do love fresh produce and what was accessible for me this morning from Mother Earth are oranges. Fresh orange juice this morning.      

Eight Nights One Answer

I signed up for a short course called DREAMY offered by Jenafer Joy. It’s been very enlightening.  I’m not much of a writer (although I wanted to be a mystery writer when I was young) and poetry isn’t my thing either but I’m really enjoying it.   Here is one of my poems Trusting my…

My Voice

I am hoping to share my voice with you, to be who I am meant to be. It has been 31 days since my sweet husband lost his 14 month battle with cancer.  We kept it quiet as much as possible.  It’s what he wanted.  He wanted people to remember him how he was when…