Finding Joy Again

I have lost my joy and when I find those fleeting moments of joy, being the person I was before my husband’s illness, I shut down, not allowing myself to feel joy. I am working on that. He would want me to be happy. He was the person who pushed me to try the things…

Morning Musings

Been awhile since I’ve blogged. Thought I would start up again. No plan, just putting my random thoughts down. Not sure who will read them but I trust that whoever needs to hear (or read) them will find them. Reflecting how some changes in life are so subtle, you don’t notice them, they are gradual,…

Winter Solstice

This is a beautiful posting about winter solstice. I have always told people that during this time of the year I’m like a bear, I hibernate, and NOW I understand why. I hope you enjoy the read!


We are constantly evolving.  It seems lately I’m evolving at warp speed but at the same time stuck.   As I start on this new path I am trying to rebrand myself and it’s not coming easily.  When I stopped making my miniature dolls I transitioned easily from Sassy Mini Dolls to Tatteredchick, connecting to…

Happy Fall Ya’ll

This is my favorite time of the year!!!  Nice cool mornings, warm days, the colors, pumpkin patches, Apple Hill and of course HALLOWEEN, and, yeah, I guess having a birthday during this time of the year could be another reason, LOL