Morning Pages

From Morning Pages 1/29/2021 (the dark night has turned into a gray cloud and my sweet Sophie is still with me) Dear friendI am so tired of tryingI miss my old lifeI miss my husband My Sophie girl is aging and her limbs are slowly giving out on herI am scared and angry to have…

Retreat Recap

What a wonderful virtual retreat!!! Being in virtual sacred circle with over 300 women from all over the world! We shared in circle, we learned the Hula and we painted our soul portraits. Do as I say, not as I do, I didn’t document my entire process so here is the abbreviated version! Day 1….

Virtual Retreat

What if you could creatively unleash? What if, you could virtually travel to Hawai’i, put YOU first and take the time to dive into your Creative Spirit? Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici, Visionary and CEO of Woman Unleashed, has just opened her annual Hawai’i Creativity retreat to help you…  Tune in.Listen.Let it go.Let it flow.Allow Spirit to…

Wisdom of a Tree

She sat under the old oak tree.  It was her favorite spot in the park, one where she could take refuge, shelter.  Its trunk was massive, so strong, its roots grounded deep into the core of the earth.  The tree repeated its message, in order for you to more forward you must trust and let…

The Empty Chair

I looked over at you sitting in your chair You asked, why do you stare? I am making a memory for that day When I look over and you’re not there MMees